Saturday, 30 August 2014

Starting this out

Okay, exactly one week as passed since I travelled from Portugal to Netherlands with a friend of mine, Laura, and so much has already happened. I'm sorry but I didn't have patience to start this earlier has let's say that my arrival was not what any normal person expects, with law and police involved. In resume, we had already paid for housing in Netherlands, a private landlady, who looked very kind and made us think the apartment was nice. We arrived there and the rooms were nice but in the whole floor there were some massive problems: the kitchen was disgusting and uncleaned, the bathtub was broken, the windows weren't properly isolated and derived by that we woke up at night really cold, right on the first night it started raining through a water leak on the roof, there was no space to eat at meals and the most problematic point was that between the 2nd and 3rd floor (where we were) there was no door and also there were no locks on the bedroom's door. All in all, we decided to quit in that night and started to search a new home which we already found. Also we could recover a part of our money back and we have learned a lesson!
I'll put just in one post all what happened in this week, I hope it's not boring!

Okay, here I had to say goodbye to my loved family.

And here we were, inside the plane, starting our journey in a 2.20Hr flight (it was quick).

The takeoff was funny:

And here we have some of the sky pics I took:

From now on the pictures are just about The Netherlands :)

Landing at 11:20 and with 4 hours of waiting for the pick-up service we had to eat something traditional (salmon rolls - it was quite good):

It was nice to find a familiar place:

Here we have the cubic houses, so well-known worldwide:

At supermarket time, we had a surprise - here eggs are sold also in boxes of 3 or 4 which is quite cute:

Now I show you the view from my first room and pictures of the room (I won't show the flat ones so that this blog doesn't become disgusting):

Sauces here are cheaper!

And mozzarella cheese balls are cheap as well! :)

 A typically dutch old street:

And this is where I'm gonna spend the rest of my stay in Netherlands (I'll move in September 1st. Let's say this looks much better than where I was before):

Some views of the Erasmus bridge:

And here they have intelligent mirrors (when you are using water the mirror turn on and shows ads!!!):

I had a trip to Maastricht, which was quite nice to meet a lot of new friends. I fell in love with this city, so nice and so typical ! :

I love the bricks they use in housing, it's so different from Portugal!!!

And right now we're here, in a Hotel for 2 more days

Ah, a thing that I also noticed is that the traffic lights are huge!!! Much bigger than in Portugal. 

This was my first post and I'll try to keep it up to date with any news I have!

See you!

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