Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Antwerp, Belgium - What an awesome journey so far (!)

Hey there, I'm gonna miss my Sparta :(

It has been a long and interesting journey! 
So, some few more days have passed and I've something more to tell, to keep you posted. 
So, we've been having fun in here, nice places, cities, awesome people I've met in here. It was sad to have so say goodbye to some of them already, it's always sad to leave and know we might never see each other again as we're quite frankly disperse in the world. However, I hope to keep in touch with the ones that touched me the most, and to someday meet them again. Nothing is impossible and the world is not that big!
Yesterday I started another trip to Belgium, I decided to visit Antwerp as I was told the city was super nice and one of the best of Belgium, I also visited a friend there. The city is in fact beautiful and has a kind of ancient look. I enjoyed it a lot, we had fun! 
I'm sad I'll have to leave the people I've met, it's super sad just to think about that, I don't want the 16th to arrive :(

Let's start the photographic report then! :

                  This was the view from the goodbye party, on the 32th floor. Nice ;)

 It did rain hail one day, we heard also that it snowed super super lightly this day for some few mins but I didn't have a chance to see it ahah.

Here we have MarktHall on the right (the so famous and modern new Rotterdam market). I also decided to do a portuguese dish as I was "thirsty" for something like this, our "Francesinha", it was super tasty hehe:

 This is the view I have near my house, one canal:
A kind of church here in Rotterdam

So, this is the Rotterdam Central station - my trip was going to begin (!):

Here in the Central Station there are lots of these cute birds, like portuguese sparrows, I love them but they seem to be a plague in here!

Now I had already arrived to Antwerp!:

Antwerp is the world's most beautiful train station and I confirmed why! Let's check:

This is the outside of Antwerp Central Station

 Awesome, right!? 

Yeah but let's see what Antwerp has to offer in terms of street views and monuments:

 Huge "Cathedral Of Our Lady":
 This is a square called Groenplaats and it's quite big!

 Modern art museum:
 I like this picture a lot:

 It was getting dark and cold by the time:

 This is another museum:
 I had the opportunity to try the Antwerp tram (much older than dutch ones but I'd say it's similar as portuguese trams):
 This is the Palace of Justice:
 And it was dark now, in this square there were fire sources so that people get around and have a chat while warming up, quite nice!

At night we went to drink some tasty Belgian beers at a pretty cool bar (you can't see tho):

I started my return trip to Rotterdam with this awesome Belgian waffle! 

That's it, here you had the report of my last days, I hope you've enjoyed! See you soon, in a few days. My journey is ending, I'm a bit sad about it as I said previously.
Bye, Francisco

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