Friday, 12 September 2014

Things start to flow - What a week!

Hello there. It's been a while since my last post but I'm busy ! 

Let's get things straight: BELOW there's my BIKE ! (cool, huh? ahah)

It's been a great week full of nice and pleasurable experiences and many interesting people.

Below I'll show you and write some text of the interesting and curious things I've been faced with. Enjoy and see you soon!

This was in the start of the week, couldn't be better:
 Erasmusbrug Bridge in it's splendor:

 They've an open market in Blaak (it's nice):
 Oh, you know when you go to a party and it's crowded inside? Yeah you know, but here the parking lot is much different ! (hundreds of bikes of the party people) :

 My bike is over there, I don't know if you can see it (university):
 Another interesting thing, here there are lots of canals for the boats and therefore this might happen quite often (bridge open/ it takes around 5 mins to open and close): 

 (Bridge closed):

 Hmm, another bridge open! This one was not that fun because there was a lady with her baby running on the bridge when they decided to close it so a guy had to go there to save them from being hurt! 

 Old industrial building (nice colors)
 This below is  abridge which I have to pass through everyday to go to university:

 Here you have a panorama picture of the docks:

 It had to exist a pizza time someday!
 On Saturday there was fireworks to celebrate the world port Days here in Rotterdam, it was nice to see.
 My university and one of its buildings
 Who told that NOVA exam rooms are scary? They should have not seen this: (!)

 We had on Thursday an international dinner where students had to bring some traditional food from their country, I brought "Francesinha" made by myself ahah (but I forgot to top it with cheese and that's why it had to get sauce on the top as well) But it was good and I received nice feedback. I also enjoyed a lot to try the other typical foods.

 This reports to today, it was  a nice day where we were supposed to have a lunch at the Kralingse Bos lake garden but because we had a party yesterday almost no one appeared (hangover?), only ~20 people (portuguese guys never fail) but before that we saw something really interesting happening: The boats to pass from one side to the other of the lake have to pass through a system of water and doors because one side has a higher water level than the other. 
 We assisted to all the process and the lady there was quite nice and explained everything about how the system worked!

But then a nice thing happened, the couple that was on the boat were so nice that invited us to have a ride with them on their boat through the canal of the lake and we had a short travel ! It was really nice to meet them and I just have good things to say about dutch people, they're really nice!

 This was the view from a tower that was in the lake:

 And to end this post I leave you with this picture we took inside the boat! 

See you soon!

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