Thursday, 23 October 2014

It has been a while... some things have happened in the meantime! Check it!

Hey all! Sorry, it has been more than one month since my last entry but I've been quite busy full of work and exams, tough exchange student life! (I'm serious...).
Well, in the meantime I've been just studying - well, just the last 2 weeks - and I've also visited some new and nice places!

Firstly I went to Belgium because of a university project. Then I stayed there 2 days and visited 2 cities, Brussels and Brugge.

About Belgium, let's say it's not my kind of country, in general pretty dirty and disorganised (mainly Brussels). Brugge is a nice city and it looks like we're living 300 yrs ago !

Then I also visited Utrecht city and had some interesting experiences!

Let's put some photos here so that this doesn't get dry...

This is Brussels: 

 Actually their green areas were the best to me:
 We can see it's big, the Atomium: 
 Now we were in Brugge, at the station:

 Ah, again, a nice guy: 
 It seems we were 300 yrs back in time:

 And people still don't believe Batman, but... : 
 Wind mill:
 Oh, belgian what? CHOCOLATE of course! :
 This is Brussels' metro:
 Oh, Atomium again:
 Ahah, this picture below has some story... It was in Brussels, we decided to go to have dinner in some restaurant near the hotel we stayed in. We decided to go to some Turkish restaurant and I ate one of those 2 greeny things... wow I started immediately crying!!! And it lasted more than half an hour ahahah I looked like a crying baby.
 Brugge again:

Then, a week later I visited Utrecht city during the weekend with 2 friends. It is a nice city, I liked it! 

 This was the castle we visited in Utrecht, pretty cool: 

 Oh, selfie time with some cute cows ! 
 They really liked us:

 You really have to try this unique dutchy mcflurry, "McFlurry of Stroopwafel"! SO GOOD!
 Typically dutch in a rainy night:
 Nice picture:

 We visited the church, awesome!

 Utrecht by day:
 This street was full of handprints of dutch actors, interesting!

 For the first time I saw tulips in Netherlands ahah

 Leaving Utrecht and a week later we had a Portuguese friend's birthday party here in Rotterdam, Alex! It was really nice but I don't want to remember again how it ended but I'll just let you know that my night ended drunk in the middle of the street after a bike fall, quite good dutch experience, yeah!
Ok, sadly this was my last picture of my bike I had opportunity to take. Unfortunately it was stolen a week ago overnight, most probably because the locker was weak.... I had to live the latest days by foot and metro.
 Ah, and I even had already the opportunity to experience the awesome dutch rainy weather! I've never caught so much water in so less time, just 30 seconds of a pure shower coming from the sky!

But, I had to find a new bike and yesterday I did it, bought another one! :) (and a stronger locker, in red). Let's see my new baby (now more dutch style):

In resume, in the past month I had some fun but also experience 2 things I never thought would ever happen: to have a bike fall when drunk and to have my precious bike stolen. IUPI, both of them were accomplished!

Hope to update this blog more often, see you soon!

Peace out!

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